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“I have so many cleaning products under my sink. Finally, I'm happy to say I only use Safe4u cleaning products for all my cleaning needs. It's excellent for mirrors, on granite and Corian counter tops, stove tops, windows, tiles, toilets, you name it! Plus, it's safe for my whole family and the environment!”

Debra Schulman


“I brought Safe4u back with me to Mexico. I love the all-purpose cleaner...a one stop shop. I use it on my granite, stainless steel, wood and it always works great! I highly recommend Safe4u, especially since I have two kids and two pets!”

Claudia Ramirez Medrano


“This is the best natural cleaner that I have ever used. I use it for cleaning my bathroom and kitchen. I even use it on the  kitchen floor. It leaves my counter tops clean and smelling great. I own two Shetland Sheepdogs and I feel very comfortable using this safe cleaner in my home. My dogs often lick the floor and cabinets. I usually use cleaners with harsh chemicals, and I always thought that if it smelled strong, it worked better. Now I can have the best of both worlds: a strong spray cleaner that's safe for everyone in my family.”

Ken Zierler


“Son unos productos excelentes amigables con el medio ambiente”

Veronica Alvarez Lopez


“This is an excellent eco-friendly product! I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Erika Gutierrez


“I've been waiting for a product like this. It cleans really well and I can smell the lavender. I know that it's safe around the house and doesn't hurt my pet. It also does not pollute the planet.”

Tara Gelb


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